Blind, for no good reason

More than 75% of all blindness and moderate or severe distance vision impairment, is avoidable.

More than 20 million people are blind. Most could have sight restored in 12 minutes with a cataract surgery.

Kids who struggle to see because they don't have glasses are often treated by their parents and teachers as if they're blind.

You can give the Miracle of Sight for $39 to:

$39 Will Provide Cataract Surgery for an Adult

Provide Cataract Surgery for an Adult

$39 Will Provide Clean Water for 2 People

Provide Clean Water for 2 People

$39 Will Provide an Eyelid Surgery for an Adult

Provide an Eyelid Surgery for an Adult

$39 Will Deliver Sight Saving Medicine for 8 Families

Deliver Sight Saving Medicine for 8 Families

$39 Will Provide Eyeglasses for a Child

Provide Eyeglasses for a Child

"I thought about taking my life," Wendwosen said. "I was useless to myself. I was useless to others. I stayed at home. I cried."

Wendwosen is one of millions of people blind because of cataracts. Most could have their sight restored today - if only they could afford a short, $39 surgery.

Blindness Caused by Neglected Tropical Diseases


Trachoma is an eye disease caused by infection with the bacterium Chlamydia Trachomatis. It is spread by flies, which are attracted to the discharge from the eyes and nose of an infected person and spread the disease to others. Moms with trachoma are afraid to kiss or even touch their children, for fear of giving them the disease.


River Blindness

River Blindness destroys lives. Tiny blackflies infected with a worm (known as Onchocera volvulus), breed near streams and rivers. In search of their next meal, they bite people. The parasite they carry is then transferred to children, men and women with frightening results. The parasites travel from the fly's mouth and burrow under the human skin. There, they begin to reproduce and move throughout a person's body creating intense pain, unbearable itching and eventually, irreversible blindness. But that's not all. Once one person is infected, the uninfected blackflies that bite him or her pick up the parasite and spread it to others. Soon, an entire community is at risk of going blind.

In early 2018 it was estimated that:


For $39, you can provide:


Clean Water for 2 People


Eyelid Surgery


Sight Saving Medicine for 8 Families

Eyeglasses for a Child

About 153 million people are visually impaired due to uncorrected refractive errors.

In most cases, vision can be restored through spectacles, however, in developing countries glasses are not an option for many children. They have limited access to health care, identifying their impairment and providing glasses for them is just like a miracle.

Without eyeglasses, children can't keep up in school. Sometimes they're treated as if they're fully blind. Often, they simply drop out.

$39 for a pair of glasses that a child in a developing country cannot afford will make a huge difference in their life; they will be able to go to school, see the blackboard, and learn!